Climatic’s Community Involvement Sarasota FL

Climatic has been a member of the Sarasota community for over 40 years. We are proud of to be a part of this community and believe it’s important to make a a difference by giving back to our community. We have chosen to give back by supporting three very important causes, of which two involve people who live in our community, Eric Buchanan and The Wright Family. We hope you will join us in supporting all of them.

Eric Buchanan

At the age of 9, Eric Buchanan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He was fortunate that he was able to enjoy a normal, healthy life while attending Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota, FL and University of North Carolina Charlotte. He played football and enjoyed the simple things in life. When he was hospitalized the first time, he had to leave Charlotte and move back to Florida where he finished college at the University of Florida.

Eric has been a survivor through the ensuing years. After college, he had made a decision to work with a great company, Publix. He was busy getting acquainted with the company and building a future for himself. When his lung collapsed, Eric had to leave his passion which was his work, and start depending on oxygen.

He is now in need of a double lung transplant. With this surgery he will be able to get back on his feet and once again become a normal, young adult pursuing his interests.

Eric Buchanan

Eric Buchanan

To learn more about Eric and how you can help, please visit

Payton Wright Foundation

When Payton Wright had her first surgery, the one thing she said to her dad was, “Don’t Worry Dad, it’s gonna to be a good day.” She was four years old and going into surgery for brain cancer. One year later, Payton passed away.

In memory of Payton, The Payton Wright Foundation was founded to bring awareness to pediatric brain cancer. Her parents, Patrick and Holly Wright, started this foundation to remember their daughter, Payton, and to help support families who are caring for a child with brain cancer.

The foundation provides resources in raising awareness, support, a network of expert hospitals, and funding for research to help work towards a cure in pediatric brain cancer.

Payton Wright

Payton Wright

To learn more on how you can help The Payton Wright Foundation, please visit

A Life’s Story Foundation

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and ultimately, respiratory failure.

ALS attacks certain cells in the brain and the spinal cord needed to keep our muscles moving. Early signs and symptoms of ALS include:

  • muscle cramps and muscle twitching
  • weakness in hands, legs, feet or ankles
  • difficulty speaking or swallowing

The senses, including hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch, are not affected by ALS. In most cases, people with ALS do not experience difficulties in bowel, bladder or sexual function.

Kevin Swan, founder of A Life Story Foundation was diagnosed with ALS in February of 2012. A 501(c)(3) organization, ALSF’s mission is to tell the stories of PALS (People with ALS) in order to raise awareness, funds, and create action to help eradicate the disease.

Climatic Conditioning has made it their mission to help raise awareness for the A Life Story Foundation. They have worked hand in hand with the non-profit organization.

Kevin Swan, founder of A Life Story Foundation

Kevin Swan, founder of A Life Story Foundation

To learn more or donate to A Life Story visit

We are proud community partners with Big Cat Habitat and Save Our Seabirds

Big Cat Habitat

The Big Cat Habitat is a non-profit safe haven for big cats, bears, and other animals in need. It was founded by Kay Rosaire who has more than 30 years of experience working with and caring for exotic animals.
Tiger sitting on a rock

Tiger sitting on a rock

Tigers snack

The tigers having a quick snack.

Tigers pool

To cool off from the hot weather, the tigers take a dip in the water.

catlady Meet Kay Rosaire, an eighth generation animal trainer from one of England’s most respected families of animal trainers. The Rosaires are known worldwide for their gifted animal training ability, for their work within the entertainment and film industry, and as animal educators. Big Cat Habitat has an assortment of tigers with a wide range of fantastic personalities. Each tiger is like a member of the family and are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

To learn more visit

Save Our Seabirds

Save Our Seabirds is located next to Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida. They house over 150 birds in they’re three-acre Wild Bird Learning Center. SOS’ mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured wild birds while educating the community about preventing injuries and preserving habitats.

To learn more visit

We are able to keep all of the birds that come through our hospital much more comfortable, now that we have our new HVAC system, installed by Climatic Air!

David PilstonCEOSOSParkway Sarasota, FL

Save Our Seabirds Building

white pelicanThe White Pelican is an example of the types of migratory birds that SOS treats as they are passing through.
Billess-pelicanThis Pelican with the broken beak is known as Billess. His beak was so tightly wrapped in fishing line that the top part of his beak broke off, but SOS makes sure he has a good life at SOS.
Pelican-Broken-FootThis Pelican with the injured foot is typical of the adult birds that SOS treats in its hospital.

Baby ducklings typical of the birds that SOS treats in its Baby Bird Room.


Baby Sand Hill Crane that’s treated in SOS’ Baby Bird Room.

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