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6 Signs It's Time to Update Your Florida Home Air Conditioning System

Nothing lasts forever, and this applies to long-term parts of your home like the roof and air conditioning unit. But how do you know when your system is about ready for replacement? This article will guide you through six major warning signs — specific to residents of Sarasota, Florida, and other similar regions — that your air conditioner might be on its way out.

You Hear Troubling Clicks and Rattles

If you notice these worrisome noises, it likely means that something inside of your unit has come loose. The most common causes are fans, bolts, or casings that need tightening, which (fortunately) are easy fixes. While you may still be able to get some life out of the unit, clicking and rattling can also be signs of a more serious issue, so it’s certainly time to enlist a specialist to examine and repair it.

Your System Isn’t Cycling Off

If your unit doesn’t seem to understand when the temperature outside is already low, there are a few likely scenarios. The most likely is that the unit is either damaged or insufficiently powerful to cool the space. In either case, it’s likely time to invest in substantial repairs or an upgraded system if your unit is older and has been struggling to keep the space cool.

There’s a Screeching or Whistling Noise

Screeching likely signifies that the fan belts are worn down. If it hasn’t been screeching for long, you can likely call for a replacement and get your system working again. However, if you’ve been ignoring that screeching for a while, the deteriorated belts may have damaged the inside of the unit, and a replacement may be the best course of action.

An obnoxious whistling coming from the air conditioning unit or ducts may indicate that your system is no longer properly sealed. This is sometimes caused by the natural deterioration of the seal itself, but could also stem from a leak in the ducts. If it’s time to replace your system, consider a ductless system that will avoid such leaks.

Your Coils Are Constantly Covered in Frost

If your air conditioning unit has frost-covered coils that quickly ice over again after being thawed, the problem could be dirty coils, low refrigerant, or a blockage with the air flow somewhere. Check to make sure all your registers are free of obstructions. If you don’t find any blockages, shut off the unit and call in a professional. In Florida, your air conditioning system will be up and running for much of the year, so it’s wise to have preventative maintenance done at least once a year so you can avoid such problems.

Your House’s Humidity Remains High

If your climate control is always running but your home still feels like a swampy morass, your air conditioner is likely to blame. You will either need to supplement the air conditioner with a dehumidification system or improve the climate control system itself. Sometimes your existing system can be improved with simple cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, but if it still fails to dehumidify, it’s may be time to invest in a new system.

It’s Just Too Old

We have nothing against old things. Your air conditioning unit, however, isn’t like a fine wine, and doesn’t get better with age. Even when an old air conditioning unit is working properly, the need for repairs and the lower efficiency (due to both age and the outdated technology) will increase your costs. The standard lifetime of a well-maintained, high-quality unit is about 10-15 years. Past this point, it’s time to prepare to upgrade your climate control system , since this can save you hundreds of dollars each year, especially if you opt for a unit that’s Energy Star qualified, depending on your space and cooling needs.

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