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3 Reasons to Get your HVAC Serviced During the Winter

Regular maintenance for your HVAC unit is a must for your Sarasota, Florida, home and should be done before you turn on your air conditioner this spring. Most people schedule their HVAC tune-up right when the weather turns, but there are plenty of reasons to have your service done well before that.


Most people get their service right before summer, and therefore, you may have to wait longer than you would prefer. It’s best to schedule your service when HVAC technicians are less busy and have more time to spend on your service. Don’t schedule it during peak times or cold weather, because your HVAC company will be busy working on broken heat pumps or furnaces. We recommend scheduling your service when there is a lull in harsh weather when the technicians have the time to come at your convenience.

Catch Issues Early

Preventative maintenance and service plans aid in catching potential problems with your system. If you get maintenance done last minute, you may sit in a hot house while you wait for your technician to solve the problem. If your whole unit needs to be replaced, the technician will let you know and can make some recommendations on a few different new systems. An HVAC unit is a big investment, and you want to have time to make big decisions if you have to repair or replace it.

Be Ready

Sometimes those hot days come earlier than expected. If you get your regular maintenance during the winter instead of right before summer, your unit will be ready to go. You don’t have to worry about whether your air conditioning will turn on since you’ve already gotten the servicing completed. A regular service will also include cleaning or changing your air filters, so you don’t have to worry about circulating dust, dirt, and bacteria throughout your home the day you crank up the air conditioner.

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