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4 Ways to Improve Home Comfort with a Wi-Fi Thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat connects your HVAC system to your wireless network at home. You can access the thermostat just like you would your wireless printer or other device. Most Wi-Fi thermostats come with associated smartphone apps that you can download to your phone or tablet. But how do Wi-Fi thermostats improve your home comfort?

Raise or Lower the Temperature Before You Get Home

If you change your thermostat setting when you don’t plan to be home, you don’t want to return to an uncomfortable house. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to change the setting before you arrive. Raise or lower the temperature a few degrees so you get home to a toasty (in the winter) or cool (in the summer) abode.

Don’t Get Up When You Need a Temperature Change

If you decide your thermostat isn’t cold or hot enough after you’ve settled down in front of the television or curled up in bed, you can grab your smartphone or remote control. Just increase or decrease the temperature setting based on how you feel so you don’t have to walk to the thermostat’s control panel.

Let the Thermostat Decide the Best Temperature

Smart thermostats with Wi-Fi connectivity learn your habits and preferences. They change automatically based on several factors, including the outside temperature. Some receive weather reports from the local news outlets and plan your temperature settings based on weather shifts. Others measure more data, such as humidity, to decide the best temperature for your home.

Get Reminders for Regular Maintenance

A dirty air filter is more than just an allergen and asthma hazard. It can also prevent air from flowing through your HVAC system, which can compromise its ability to cool or heat your home. Some Wi-Fi thermostats send alerts to the homeowner via email or text when it’s time to change the filter and conduct other routine maintenance tasks.

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