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How Does a Heat Pump Produce Heat ?

While Sarasota winters won’t leave you shivering in your boots with snow up to your knees, the temperatures can drop enough to justify the addition of making sure you have heat in your home. You can count on a heat pump for AC and heat, plus lower energy bills when a quality heat pump is professionally installed.

We specialize in maintaining those heat pumps so that they work efficiently and you’re less likely to need the emergency heat setting. You may still want to understand how pumps work so you can make the most of your system year-round.

Heating & Cooling with Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps are designed to collect air from one location and deliver it to a new location. While many people think of heat pumps as alternatives to furnaces, they aren’t limited to heat. You can use your pump for air conditioning as well.

In the winter, your heat pump will take heat from the outdoor air and bring it inside your home. That operation is reversed in the summer as heat from your home is transferred outdoors. That basic understanding of how heat pumps work is enough for most homeowners to understand the advantages for their Sarasota homes.

Do Heat Pumps Generate Heat?

Heat pumps do not generate heat. That’s one of the primary distinctions between a heat pump and a furnace. Heat pumps are designed to relocate heat that already exists in the environment, which suits them perfectly to Sarasota and other locations that don’t typically experience dramatic winter temperatures.

Heat Pump Settings

Pump heating technology eliminates the need to burn fuel and allows you to heat and cool your home with one system. While you have the option to use the "auto" setting to maintain one temperature year-round, your heat pump will function its best when set on the heat setting during the winter and cool setting in the summer.

You should also have an emergency heat setting option. It can dramatically increase your energy expenditure, so we don’t recommend using it. The basic heat setting is adequate for daily operations.

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