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HVAC Maintenance Homeowners Should Complete

In order for your heating and cooling system to run efficiently and effectively, it requires regular maintenance. Neglecting the maintenance reduces the longevity of the system and prevents it from running correctly, which can steadily increase energy usage and your monthly energy bill. While it’s best to have a professional perform regular HVAC maintenance on your unit, there are a few tasks that you can do.

Change the HVAC Filters Regularly

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do is change the air filters. Filters that are dirty or clogged prevent air from flowing freely into the system, which significantly reduces its performance. The air that does pass through can carry some of the dirt from the old air filter into the evaporator coil, causing damage.

You should refer to the manufacturer guidelines for how often to replace your HVAC filters. In general, it’s best to change them at least every three months. If you have pets or open your windows often, though, you may need to replace them sooner.

Remove Debris From Around the Condenser Unit

With time and use, the condenser and evaporator coils can collect dirt. Because of that, keeping debris away from the condenser unit is a very important maintenance task.

The evaporator coil becomes dirty over time and when air filters aren’t regularly replaced. The dirt insulates the coil and reduces airflow, which both cause performance issues. You should check to make sure the coils aren’t caked with dirt.

The condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit and becomes dirty over time and with the presence of debris, such as nearby foliage. You can minimize the dirt collection by removing falling leaves, pollen, sticks and other debris. Keep foliage trimmed at least 2 feet away so that air can adequately flow around the condenser.

Keep the Condensation Line Clear

Removing clogs in the condensate line ensures that your HVAC system continues to run correctly. When air passes through the cold A-coil in the unit, the water vapor in the air turns into liquid. In order to prevent system damage, the water has to be removed.

Central HVAC systems have condensate drains that allow the liquid to drip into a pan. Then, the liquid runs into a pipe which allows it to drip outside. You can clear the condensation line of blockages by pouring a quarter cup of vinegar into the opening. After about 30 minutes, pour fresh water into it. You can also pass a stiff wire through the drain channels.

If you don’t feel comfortable completing any of these maintenance tasks, you can contact an HVAC professional to ensure that they’re performed properly. You can learn more about Climatic Conditioning Co.’s maintenance plans and services, or call (941) 758-3080.

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