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Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Is Spinning in the Best Direction for Cooling Efficiency

Besides adding a decorative touch to your Bradenton home, a ceiling fan also helps to increase comfort while decreasing energy costs. The key to maximizing both lies in the direction of the fan blades; read on to find out more.


The same wind chill factor that makes winter weather exceptionally harsh in other parts of the country works in your favor in the summer. The air movement created by ceiling fans blowing over your skin increases the evaporation rate of perspiration, which in turn makes you feel cooler. This wind chill effect allows you to up the thermostat several degrees, reducing A/C usage while maintaining comfort. Since fans only cool people and not rooms, turn them off when you leave to maximize savings.

Routine Maintenance

Keep your fan operating at peak performance by performing annual maintenance, including:

  • Cleaning – Fan blades collect dust which can slow down blades and reduce efficiency. Turn off the fan and clean surfaces gently using a soft cloth.
  • Inspecting – Perform a visual inspection to see if your fan is wobbling or off balance. Turn off power at the breaker and check screws and other parts to see if they need tightening or repairing.
  • Lubricating – Consult the owner’s manual to see if your fan requires lubrication, and complete the task according the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Right Direction

Depending on the season, fan blades should be set to spin in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction:

  • Heating season – Set the direction of your fan to spin clockwise, which will draw air up toward the ceiling where it can mix with warm air that has risen. The blades will then push this heated air down toward your living space, alleviating the burden on your heating system and saving you money.
  • Cooling season – Switching the blades to counterclockwise forces air directly down on occupants, creating the wind chill effect.

Ensure your fan is in the off position prior to switching directions.

For more information on how to maximize the efficiency of your ceiling fan year round, check out Climate Conditioning Co.’s energy saving tips, or call us at (941) 758-3080.

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