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The Latest Trends in Home Heating and Cooling

When you think of trends, you probably don’t think of HVAC first, but this innovative industry keeps evolving with new options for your Sarasota home. The HVAC industry is constantly coming out with new types of products, and new and better ways to save energy for your home. Maybe it’s time for you to consider one of these three latest trends.

Energy Efficiency

It’s no surprise that energy efficiency is still topping the list in home heating and cooling trends. While going green has been trendy for years, new SEER requirements by the federal government are helping make this trend grow in the HVAC world. With homeowners becoming more environmentally conscious, they are turning to energy-efficient HVAC systems to help reduce their carbon footprint. In the process, homeowners are also seeing savings on their utility bills.

Home Automation

It’s uncommon that a homeowner doesn’t have a programmable thermostat but now whole home automation is becoming much more popular. Through home automation, homeowners can control the temperature of their home from anywhere on their cellphones. Now, you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn the heat down once you’re cozy underneath your covers. Home automation also expands to other facets like turning the lights on and off and monitoring home security.

Mini-split Heat Pumps

Although mini-split heat pumps are widely used in Europe, this trend was typically only used in home additions in the United States. Now, mini-splits are becoming more common as whole-heating solutions. This heating system is favorable because it’s easy to install, it’s quiet, and it doesn’t require ductwork for operation.

While you don’t need to be a part of every trend, a mini-split is definitely worth considering when it’s time to do some heating and cooling enhancements. If it is time to upgrade your home with one of these latest trends call (941) 758-3080 to speak to an experienced contractor at Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc.

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