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4 Tips That Improve Your In-Home Comfort This Fall

With the summer heat wave over, fall is a great time to start up a project or two. It’s hard to find motivation when it’s too hot or too cold, and many projects can get neglected. Not only is the weather nice, but it’s the perfect time to tackle projects for the upcoming winter months and stay ahead of the game for the spring and summer. Here are some things you can do to improve your in-home comfort in Florida this fall.

1. Changing Your Air Filter Is Important And Easy

We often don’t think about air conditioners until we need them and by then, it’s too hot to think about maintenance. Stay prepared by changing your air filter in the fall so it’s ready for use when summer rolls back around. Changing your air filter is a task you can do yourself and is essential for keeping high-quality indoor air. Leaving a dirty filter in place can lead to dust and other particles filtering into your house.

There are several types of filters available, so be ready when you go out to buy one. Make sure you know the measurements of the filter you need, consider the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of each filter, and think about other details like whether you want a flat or pleated filter or a metal reinforcement. Although you may be meticulous about changing your filter, sometimes things can go wrong that are beyond your control. The experts at Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. are available to help with any air filter problems that arise.

2. Caulking and Weather-Stripping Air Leaks for In-Home Comfort

Inefficient doors and windows lead to air leaks that waste energy. Making energy-efficient improvements is a good task to do in the fall to improve energy efficiency and keep cold drafts out. As long as doors and windows are in good shape, check for air leaks by holding a flame or smoking incense stick up to the frames on a windy day. If the flame or smoke blows, you’ve found your leak. You can seal leaks with caulk and weather-stripping.

Don’t forget to check baseboards, electrical outlets, ventilation fans, the fireplace, and points where pipes and wires go through walls. Gaps and cracks throughout the house can leak air and should be sealed to keep a consistent temperature in your house. Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. is available to help find and stop leaks to maintain a warm and energy-efficient home as colder weather approaches.

3. Replace Old Windows

Fall is a great time to replace old windows because the temperature is comfortable enough to let the fresh air in while you replace the windows. Old windows often leak air, so you lose energy efficiency during hot and cold months when the air conditioning or heating system is on. By replacing old windows, you will not only make the house look nicer on the outside, but you’ll also save on heating and cooling costs.

4. Tune Up Your Furnace

Furnace maintenance prevents a lot of winter troubles. An hvac technician will make sure the burner flames in your furnace are blue and even. The technician will also change the furnace filter, clean the flame sensor, and lubricate the bearings. You’ll then have a worry-free winter of warmth.

Fall is the perfect time to do some home maintenance while the temperature is moderate. You’ll prepare yourself for the upcoming cooler months, and you’ll be ready with cold air when summer comes back around. A few of the home improvement maintenance tasks you may be able to do yourself, but for the more detailed items such as actual tune-ups, Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. is available at your convenience. Call (941) 758-3080 to speak to one of our friendly and professional representatives or to schedule an appointment.

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