Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Sarasota, FL

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has helped to raise awareness that indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside. Many of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the quality of the air that circulates in our homes and workplaces.

Innovative Indoor Air Cleaning Products

Over the years, the HVAC industry has developed a variety of high-tech products specifically designed to clean and purify indoor air. Climatic Conditioning Co. is a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer, and we offer a variety of excellent products specifically designed to improve indoor air quality. From air purifiers and electronic air cleaners to UV lamps and whole-house air filtration systems, these products can significantly reduce the presence of many indoor pollutants and airborne contaminants.

Why Is Regular Ductwork Inspection So Important?

Central heating and cooling systems rely on a system of ductwork to deliver heated or cooled air evenly throughout a home or business. But over time, these ducts can become infested with all manner of debris and contaminants.

Ducts are an ideal place for pests and contaminants to breed and collect. The dark and undisturbed environment is a welcoming haven for rodents and insects who can invade the system through cracked or leaky ducts. Once inside, they multiply, and while you may not see them, they can interfere with the efficiency of your system while increasing their number to the point where they venture into the home.

Another problem with ducts is that they can harbor growths of toxic mold. Once mold has formed, it can be blown inside and inhaled. Ducts can also be a hiding place for bacteria and viruses. And even if none of these pollutants have gained access to your ducts, the presence of dust and accumulated debris can have a harmful effect on your indoor environment.

All of these contaminants can lead to respiratory problems or worsen existing allergies. They can also cause a host of immediate and long-term physical symptoms including eye, nose and throat irritations, dizziness, headaches and fatigue.

What Are The Benefits Of Ductwork Cleaning And Sealing?

As part of our HVAC maintenance services, Climatic Conditioning Co. performs duct work cleaning and duct sealing. We use high-tech equipment to go deep within ducts to check for and remove contaminants. Our technicians will also seal and repair any cracks or leaks so that pests and contaminants cannot return and take up residence.

Clean ducts can improve indoor comfort and save money on utility bills too. When ducts are clear and unobstructed, air flows unimpeded for more even heating and cooling. The system becomes more efficient, it consumes less energy, and it costs less to operate. And because there is no loss of air through cracks or leaks, you’re not paying for heated or cooled air that you don’t even use.

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