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6 Ways Your AC is Asking for Help

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In Sarasota, Florida, your air conditioner is an essential installation. Don’t wait until it stops functioning completely to seek out help for your HVAC installation. Watch for these key signs that your AC system needs help so that you can schedule repairs early. The sooner you give us a call, the easier it will be for our techs to provide a quick and affordable solution.

Making Unusual Noises

Your air conditioner should run quietly, with only a gentle hum in the background if you can hear anything at all. Your AC system should not make whining, squeaking, or whirring noises. You should never hear bangs or other sounds. These are all indicators of failing components that need professional attention as soon as possible. A loose blower motor can become a major system failure if this type of problem isn’t addressed promptly.

Another sound to listen for is quiet wheezing. This might sound a bit like an asthmatic ghost in the utility closet, but if you open the door what you’ll actually find is a clogged air filter. If the filter in your AC system is extremely dirty, you may be able to hear the air conditioner straining to pull air through. In this case, a quick filter change is all you need to resolve the issue.

Emitting an Unpleasant Odor

Your air conditioner should never contribute an odor to the home. If you have an issue with a clogged condensate drain or dampness anywhere in the air conditioner, this can create a breeding ground for allergens. This often creates a musty odor. If you detect unpleasant odors when the AC system is running, call a professional for help. Ignoring the issue can damage your indoor air quality.

Letting Humidity Linger

Though your air conditioner’s primary job is cooling the home, it also provides natural dehumidification. Cool air holds less moisture than warm air. If your home is feeling damp and humid, this could be a sign that your air conditioner isn’t doing its job right. Humidity control is particularly important in the damp Floridian climate, so this is a problem that you’ll want to deal with as soon as possible.

Raising Your Utility Bills

You should always keep a close eye on your utility bills. An unexplained increase in any home utility expense is a good indicator of a problem. If your water bill is suddenly higher than usual, it may indicate a leak. Likewise, if your electric bill is higher than it should be, you may have something in your home that’s essentially leaking energy.

If your air conditioner is the culprit, you may find that a faulty part is causing it to work harder than usual to maintain the same temperatures. A system that’s dirty or poorly maintained will experience steadily decreasing efficiency as it powers through the grime. If you’re not sure why your utility bills are so high, consider calling our techs to help you get to the root of the problem.

Blowing Warm Air

When your air conditioner is running, does it blow fresh cool air, or produce a warm breeze? If your vents aren’t supplying chilled air, this is a prime indicator that something is wrong with your system. The earlier you catch the problem, the easier it will be for our technicians to address.

Failing to Meet Thermostat Settings

Is your home cooling down to the settings on your thermostat before it stops running? Are the temperature readings on your thermostat accurate to the temperatures you’re feeling in your home? If something seems off with these numbers, let our technicians take a look. We’ll make sure the thermostat is functioning as it should and inspect your air conditioner to determine whether it’s functioning properly to deliver the temperatures that you’re after.

If your AC system is asking for help, schedule a service call as soon as possible. Call Climatic Conditioning at (941) 304-4722. We’ll help you get to the root of the problem and come up with a quick and efficient solution for cool, comfortable air.

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