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Benefits and Features of Ductless Mini-Splits

Are you tired of inflated utility bills in your Sarasota, Florida, home? Do some rooms always seem to be less comfortable than others? Is the extensive ductwork required for a traditional HVAC system simply not an option for your home? If either of these scenarios describes your situation, ductless mini-splits might be the ideal solution. Here are just a few reasons more and more Florida homeowners are turning to mini-split systems for home comfort.

Reduced Energy Waste

In a traditional HVAC system, conditioned air from a heater or air conditioner is distributed around your home through ductwork. It’s a design that’s proven to be effective and reliable, but it’s not without issues. In particular, energy waste can be a real problem. The typical home loses 20 to 30 percent of its conditioned air through ducts that are leaky or poorly designed. The result is wasted energy, higher utility costs and a greater burden on your heating and cooling systems.

As the name suggests, ductless mini-splits make this a non-issue by ditching potentially leaky ductwork entirely. These systems consist of two basic components connected by a conduit: an outdoor unit and multiple indoor wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted units. The outdoor unit houses a compressor and the indoor units function as air handlers. The result is a system that delivers efficient air conditioning and heating directly where it’s needed without wasting energy. As an added bonus, eschewing a network of ducts can help you improve your indoor air quality as well. By ditching ducts, you’ll be eliminating one of the most common places where dust, mold spores. and other particulates spread.

Zoning and Flexibility

Most HVAC systems are tasked with heating or cooling your entire home at once. They typically do this effectively, but it’s not hard to see the problems with this approach. There’s no good way to account for the varied heating and cooling needs for different areas in your home. It’s also much harder to account for individual preferences by keeping certain areas warmer or cooler than others. Additionally, conditioning the whole home means needlessly paying to heat or cool rooms you may not even be using.

There are no such problems with mini-split systems. Ductless units deliver direct heating and cooling wherever they’re mounted, giving you greater control over all areas of your home. This makes mini-splits perfect for zoning, which allows you to divide up your home into individually controlled zones. You can adjust each zone based on your family’s preferences and use individual zones to eliminate hot or cold areas. You can even dial back the thermostat in rooms that are infrequently used in order to save more energy.

Easy Installation and Repair

Because they require sprawling networks of ducts to distribute air, traditional central HVAC systems aren’t necessarily simple to install. They’re even more difficult if your home isn’t already set up for such a system. In fact, space limitations and other restrictions sometimes make installing a regular HVAC system practically impossible. Even after installation, these heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to function at their best. In particular, your ducts should occasionally be cleaned and inspected to ensure there are no wasteful leaks.

With a ductless system, however, the process is far simpler. Many installations can be completed in a single day. Indoor units come in a variety of sizes that can be easily mounted to nearly any wall or ceiling. In order to connect them to the outdoor unit, all that’s required is a small hole for the conduit. Once it’s been installed, little maintenance is required beyond changing the air filters and scheduling recommended service visits.

With excellent flexibility, enhanced energy savings and simple installation and upkeep, it’s no wonder Sarasota residents love ductless mini-splits. They’re a great way to stay comfortable all year long and controlling utility bills. If a mini-split sounds right for you, check out Climatic Conditioning Co.’s ductless AC services or call (941) 758-3080 to speak with a representative.

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