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How Maintenance Plans Save Money in the Long Run

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If the costs to run and maintain the HVAC system in your Lakewood Ranch, Florida, home, are always on the rise, you may want to consider a better option to care for your heating and cooling system. With a preventive maintenance plan, your HVAC system will be in great hands throughout the changing seasons. The services included in most preventive maintenance plans will also help you save on costly repairs and other expenses.

What is Included?

It might seem counterintuitive that a maintenance plan, which comes with a cost, will help you save money, but it’s the truth. By investing in your HVAC system, you can reduce the risk of major, expensive repairs while making sure that the system is running more efficiently throughout the changing seasons. During an HVAC maintenance service, your technician will typically look at the various components of the system, looking for potential damage, leaks, blockages, and other issues. During a tuneup on your air conditioner, the technician will also check the refrigerant levels to make sure the unit can provide adequate cooling and doesn’t have a leak.

Other tasks included in the standard routine maintenance service are light cleaning of the components to remove any built-up dirt or dust, along with cleaning of the outdoor unit and its housing, a full test of the heating or cooling system, and a checkup of the airflow and thermostat. These tasks are important to make sure your HVAC system is operating as efficiently as possible and every component is working correctly.

Improved Efficiency

One of the main benefits of keeping up with routine maintenance is improved efficiency. The goal of any good maintenance program is to make sure each component in the HVAC system is installed properly and is functioning at peak efficiency. Even a small leak in one of the ducts or a part covered with a thick layer of dust can lead to energy loss, which wastes money every month.

With leaky ducts, a common problem in many HVAC systems, the system has to work harder to produce and move heated or cooled air. Our technician can check the ducts and seal any damaged sections during service, which will help you save money as soon as the task is done. With a fully functional heating and cooling system, you don’t have to worry about energy loss, so you’re saving every month and reducing your environmental impact. The gains in energy efficiency are often enough to cover the cost of a maintenance plan.

Reduced Risk of Expensive Repairs

Another important aspect of the maintenance service is checking for warning signs within your HVAC system. If a technician spots an area of concern, such as a component that has slipped off its track or is rubbing against another part, he can fix the problem right then. As a result, the system will operate more efficiently and reduce damage to the affected components. The risk of needing more complex and expensive repairs goes down when someone is keeping an eye on the system regularly.

Our technician can also test the airflow and thermostat during routine maintenance, helping to prevent the risk of your system completely giving out on the warmest or coldest day of the year. We can track the age and efficiency of your system during a tuneup, which can help you prepare for when you might need to invest in a new heating and cooling system.

Frequency of Maintenance Visits

Most experts recommend scheduling a routine maintenance service at least twice a year. Many homeowners opt to bring in a technician in the spring before the air conditioning system starts running more frequently, and in the fall, just before the temperatures start to drop. By having an inspection and tuneup before the heating and cooling units start operating throughout the days and nights, you can reduce the risk of damage and make sure all components are functional and ready for the changing seasons.

Schedule your routine maintenance service and get on a regular maintenance plan by contacting our skilled HVAC technicians at Climatic at (941) 304-4722.

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