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2 Ways to Prevent Future HVAC Issues

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What if there was a way to prevent taking your car to the mechanic in downtown Sarasota, Florida, for repairs? What if drinking a glass of orange juice every day really did keep us from ever getting sick? While we don’t have the cure for all your vehicle or health issues, we can help you give your HVAC system the boost it needs to prevent issues. Nothing can make a piece of technology last forever, but some regular habits can prolong the life of your system. Take proper care of your HVAC by reducing strain and setting a regular schedule of preventive maintenance.

Reduce Strain

Poor indoor air quality, overall inefficiency, and drafts in your home all cause your system to strain to maintain the comfort and air quality you’re demanding of your system. Reduce this by getting at the root of the problem. Keep your home clean, especially around your system and the vents and heat registers. Start heating and cooling your home efficiently. For example, install a programmable smart thermostat and use it to only maintain your ideal level of comfort when you’re home. That can help with utility bills too.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You may not be able to prevent ever having problems with your car, but regular oil changes and check-ups prevent expensive issues from creeping up on you. Similar habits prevent issues with your HVAC system. Contractors, like our team here at Climatic, set up a schedule of regular (usually bi-annual) maintenance. During these visits, licensed technicians fix any issues, clean components, and recommend more ways to increase the efficiency in your home. Regular maintenance also reduces strain and monthly utility costs, while catching minor issues before they get worse.

If you want to avoid coming home one day to find that your HVAC system has reached its limit, implement these two simple ways to prevent future HVAC issues. To get help from our team here at Climatic Conditioning, call us at (941) 304-4722.

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