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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

In Sarasota, Florida, we face hot humid summers. To keep cool, you have to run the AC daily and this translates to higher energy bills. To use energy more economically, here are three ways to reduce HVAC energy use in your Sarasota home without sacrificing comfort.

Set The Thermostat to a Moderate Temperature

With the humidity in Florida, it’s tempting to set a very low temperature on the AC to stay cool. However, raising the AC temperature by a few degrees can actually cut your energy bill by approximately 10 percent. The Department of Energy advises homeowners to keep their thermostat at a moderate temperature. Raise the temperature to 78 degrees in summer and keep it at 68 degrees in winter. These moderate temperatures should keep you comfortable while lowering your energy cost at the same time.

Use Ceiling Fans

Most people overlook the ceiling fan and rely solely on the central heating and cooling system. However, ceiling fans are a great way to save on AC costs. Used in conjunction with the air conditioner, they do a great job of circulating the cool AC air more efficiently. When air circulates better, it eases the load on the AC and it uses less electricity. The breeze a fan creates helps cool your skin, thereby lowering your body temperature.

Conduct Regular HVAC Maintenance

When your heating and cooling system isn’t performing efficiently, it inevitably leads to a higher electric bill. Neglecting HVAC maintenance places the system under strain. Clogged air filters, dusty air vents, and a buildup of dirt in the ductwork reduces airflow and places the HVAC system under strain. When the system is forced to work harder to reach the temperature set on the thermostat, it uses more energy and pushes up your energy bill.

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