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4 Considerations When Buying a New Home

couple planning to buy a home

When you spend a lot of money on a new home, in Sarasota, Florida, you try to avoid unexpected surprises. One of the areas you should focus on when deciding whether or not to put in an offer is the condition of the home, including the building, structure, floors, windows, doors, heating, and ventilation. You need to make sure that everything has been serviced regularly, and doesn’t have hidden issues you will have to fix urgently. Read the checklist below to avoid future problems. 

Find Out When the HVAC System Was Installed

It is important to check when the system was put in place, and what the standards were then. If possible, ask the current owners which HVAC company installed the system and whether or not it has a guarantee. 

Check Out the Ductwork

It is important to find out more about the condition and configuration of the ductwork. The efficiency of your central heating will be determined by the type of ductwork and its installation. You can find out more about ductless systems to learn ways of improving the effectiveness of your ventilation and heating system. 

How Efficient Is Your Furnace?

Every furnace model comes with an energy efficiency number, called AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). It determines how much of your energy source is converted into heat or cooling. The higher the number is the more efficient your system. 

Has the Central Heating System Been Regularly Serviced?

To avoid nasty surprises, you need to check whether or not the central heating and ventilation system was regularly serviced by an HVAC maintenance company. Request receipts of repairs and maintenance schedules, so you can find out what the problem areas of your furnace are, and what might need your immediate attention. 

When you decide to buy a new house, you need to look out for signs of an outdated heating and ventilation system. Ask Climatic Conditioning for advice, or call (941) 304-4722 for an inspection.

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