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5 Features of Smart Thermostats

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If you are currently planning on upgrading your heating system, you might want to know what the benefits of smart thermostats are, and how they can improve the overall performance of your heating system. Below you can find a few tips on how to make the most out of your furnace’s performance using smart thermostats. 

Location Tracking

Some of the latest thermostats are able to track your location. This means that as soon as they know that you are on your way home, they can automatically turn the heating or air conditioning on, so you don’t return home to a humid or cold house after a hard day’s work. 

Smartphone App Control

You are able to change the settings on your thermostat through your smartphone app. This means that if you are going to be late, you won’t be heating an empty house. Are you expecting guests in the evening? Change the temperature settings using your phone to make them more comfortable, even if you aren’t there to greet them.

Weather Forecast

Some modern thermostats can keep an eye on the weather so you don’t have to, making automatic adjustments to the heating and air conditioning settings. They have a built-in radar and can keep an eye on meteorological fronts that can impact the outside temperature and humidity. 

Performance Monitoring

You can make sure that your heating and cooling systems are regularly maintained by a professional, by providing you with alerts whenever the filters need to be changed, or there is a regular check due. 

Learning Your Habits

The best feature of smart thermostats installed in your home is that it will learn your habits and have different modes that suit your lifestyle. You can use the vacation mode if you are going away and would like to keep the damp out and energy bills low. The learning thermostat can sense when you are home, and automatically turn the heating up to the standard level. 

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