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5 Tips for Saving Energy This Spring

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Air conditioning season is on its way to Sarasota, Florida, so get your home ready for the change in seasons. Simple solutions such as sealing air leaks and inspecting your air conditioner can help you save money for your Sarasota home this spring.

Seal Air Leaks

Even when your house has proper insulation, drafts could be present in your home. Check around doorways and windows to find and seal air leaks.

Also check less obvious air leak areas, such as power outlets, exhaust ducts, and utility entrances. Sealing air leaks keeps your home cool and saves you energy.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Coming home to a cool house is wonderful, but running your air conditioner all day wastes energy. Keep your house cool and save energy with a programmable thermostat. Set your air conditioner to turn on when you’re home and raise the temperature when you’re away to maximize energy savings.

Use Blinds to Block Sunlight

When direct sunlight comes in through your windows, you can keep your home from heating up by pulling the blinds closed. This simple fix will keep your air conditioner from working against the heat of the sun.

Reduce Your Water Heater’s Temperature

Lower the temperature of your water heater to save energy. A water temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough for dishwashers, showering, and preventing waterborne bacteria from forming. To reduce heat loss and save more energy, consider insulating your hot water tank.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Efficiency

Your air conditioner keeps your home comfortable during the humid summer days. Help your system do its job by cleaning or changing the air filters at least once a month.

Remember to schedule seasonal maintenance: Professional HVAC technicians should clean, lubricate, and identify worn parts during maintenance. After all, a seasonal maintenance service visit today helps prevent expensive breakdowns later.

Climatic Conditioning has been proudly serving Sarasota’s HVAC needs for more than 40 years. Contact our services team at (941) 304-4722 and discover how our certified technicians can help you maintain your HVAC system.

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