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Best Heating and Cooling Systems

Having a great heating and cooling system is important no matter where you live, but in the hot, humid south Florida summer, it’s especially essential to have a reliable, efficient cooling system. But don’t sweat it. Learn about the best heating and cooling systems to help you beat the heat and humidity.

  • Split systems– These are the most traditional kind of heating and cooling system. Splitsystems include parts both inside and outside the house. Typically theyinclude an air conditioner, a furnace and evaporator coil or fancoil, ducts to spread hot or cold air throughout the house, and athermostat to control all the components. These are generally the bestheating and cooling systems, provided your home has ductwork or space forductwork.
  • Ductless split systems– Some homes can’t accommodate traditional split systems because theydon’t have ductwork. In these cases, a ductless split system is the bestchoice. These systems are made up of an air conditioner, a compact fancoil, refrigerant tubing and wires, and a thermostat.
  • Packaged systems– If your home doesn’t have space for a split system, packaged systems areavailable. These combine an air conditioner with an evaporator coil or fancoil in one unit.
  • Heat pumps– A heat pump works by transferring heat to cool your home in the summerand warm it in the winter. In the Florida climate, a heat pump is probablynot adequate to cool your home on its own, but when combined with an airconditioner, a heat pump can save you money since it’s more efficient thantraditional A/C units.
  • Dehumidifiers -Dehumidifiers make your home feel more comfortable by removing excesshumidity from the the air. Using a dehumidifier in tandem with your airconditioner can make your home feel comfortable at a higher temperaturesetting, saving energy and money.

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