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Diagnosing your Heat Pump System: What Loss of Heat May Mean

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Although it doesn’t get too cold in Sarasota, Florida, it gets cold enough to worry about the heat turning off. Sometimes there is a simple solution. When the solution is not so simple, however, it’s time to call in an expert.

General Heat Pump Trouble Shooting

Some people mistakenly believe that the heat pump isn’t working when it could be an issue with other aspects of the HVAC system. First, listen to see if you can hear the system running. If you can, but you don’t feel any warm air, then your problem could be with a clogged air filter or a closed register. If you don’t hear the system running then you need to find why it’s not running. The reason may or may not actually be related to the system.

Indoor Solutions

Just because the heat turns off completely in your home doesn’t mean something catastrophic happened to your heat pump. Before assuming the worst, check for simple solutions. First check to make sure there isn’t a power outage or a circuit breaker isn’t tripped. If everything seems fine, then check the battery in your thermostat. Before you panic look for simple solutions about why the heat may have turned off.

Outdoor Issues

If everything seems fine indoors, then the issue may be with your outdoor unit. There are several reasons involving the outdoor unit why your heat pump may not be working. There could be a refrigerant leak in your system, an issue with a fan motor, a wiring problem, or a compressor issue. If you head outside and don’t see any obvious reasons why the outdoor unit isn’t working, call a service technician to inspect the unit. Because of the wiring and refrigerant inside the unit, investigating further is not a do it yourself project.

If you are having issues with your heat pump, call (941) 304-4722 to speak to an expert at Climatic Conditioning to get the heat back on in your home as soon as possible.

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