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Ductless Installation: The Best Place for Your Outdoor and Indoor Split A/C

tech working on Ductless AC

When installing new ductless mini-split cooling, your contractor will need to determine the best locations for your split A/C unit. The inside component consists of a low-profile, wall-mounted air handler that incorporates the evaporator coil and system blower while the outside half comprises the heat pump components, including the compressor, condenser coil and fan. These two components are linked by an insulated conduit that conveys refrigerant back and forth.

Here are some considerations that figure into determining the best places for your split A/C unit:

The Indoor Half

  • Mount the indoor air handler centrally so air can be evenly dispersed to all parts of the room. Make sure there is convenient access so regular maintenance such as air filter changes may be accomplished.
  • The wall-mounted indoor unit should be on an exterior wall and no more than 50 feet from the outdoor unit.
  • Mount the unit at least two inches below the ceiling. A three-inch hole in the exterior wall will be required to route the refrigerant line to the outdoor unit.

The Outdoor Half

  • The outdoor heat pump component typically weighs about 120 pounds and should be placed in a shady location, avoiding direct sunlight, directly behind or to the side of the home. To ensure proper air circulation, it should be obstructed by shrubbery or other vegetation.
  • If the unit is attached to the exterior wall with stand-off mounting brackets, make sure there’s at least four inches of clearance between the unit and the wall and at least 20 inches of clear space above it.
  • If the heat pump is not mounted to the wall, it can be installed on a custom concrete pad on the ground or attached to heavy concrete blocks resting on the ground.

For more about choosing the the best places for your split A/C unit, check out Climatic Conditioning’s ductless mini-split solutions or call (941) 304-4722. We serve residents of Sarasota and Bradenton, and the surrounding communities.

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