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Finding the Perfect Temperature for Your Home

Adjusting the thermostat

Maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in your Sarasota, Florida, home can pose a challenge, especially if you have different people with varying ideas of comfort. Instead of spending a fortune on heating and cooling bills or refereeing an all-out war on the thermostat, take some time to figure out what temperature is just right for the house. With these tips, you can maximize efficiency without sacrificing the comfort of your space.

Change With the Seasons

If your thermostat is stuck in a rut, it’s not surprising that people in your home are unhappy with the climate conditions. Instead of leaving the settings the same all year long, start each season with a new look at the thermostat. When the weather is cooler, bump it up a few degrees to see how it feels.

Test the Waters

It’s nearly impossible to find the ideal temperature for your house if you’re not willing to play with the settings and figure out what feels best for you and your family. Adjust the temperature by 1-2 degrees at a time to avoid drastic changes. Most people won’t notice a major difference between just a couple of degrees, so you could end up saving quite a bit each month just by making a minor change.

Understand the Recommended Settings

The recommended cooling system setting is 78 degrees during the summer months when you’re home and awake. When you’re at work or away for four hours or more, you may want to let the system go as high as 86 degrees. If you don’t mind the heat, you can save up to eight percent on monthly bills for every degree higher you set the cooling system.

During the winter months, the recommended setting is 68 degrees when you’re home and around 58 degrees when you’re away. You might want to adjust the settings so that the system drops a bit lower when you’re asleep.

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