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How a New Heat Pump Improves Energy Efficiency

Reliable air conditioning is a must in Sarasota, FL, but you still need heat in winter. A Heat pump gives you both for less. Here’s how heat pumps keep energy costs low:

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Heating

In winter, heat pumps don’t generate heat like furnaces. They extract warmth from outdoor air and move it inside to heat your home. In summer, they extract heat from indoor air and move it outside to cool your home. Heat pumps deliver three units of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy they use. That gives them an effective efficiency of 300 percent. Even the best furnaces can only achieve 98 percent.

Multi-stage Compressor Technology

These high-tech pumps have multi-stage compressors. Single-stage units run at one speed only. When they cycle on, they run at 100 percent capacity to attain the desired temperature. Then, they cycle off. Multi-stage pumps run at the precise capacity needed to maintain your home’s current comfort demands. Multi-stage systems run longer at capacities between 40 and 100 percent. They adjust temperatures gradually and in small increments. Multi-stage pumps have SEERs that are twice as high as the SEERs of single-stage systems.

Variable Speed Motors

State-of-the-art variable speed blower motors give you sustained indoor comfort and lower energy costs. These systems constantly monitor indoor conditions and adjust fan speeds to match current temperature demands. Variable speed motors run longer at lower speeds. They produce just enough airflow to maintain the desired temperature. Longer run times give these pumps superior humidity control. Because there’s more air circulation, you’ll also breathe cleaner indoor air.

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