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How Safe Is AC for Babies?

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Air conditioning is a necessity in Sarasota during the summer months, but how safe is your AC when you have a newborn baby to think of? You’ll be happy to know that air conditioners are safe and even healthy for infants, and there are several ways you can ensure your HVAC system continues to provide healthy, conditioned air all summer long.

Air Conditioners are Beneficial to Infants

Thankfully, there’s no problem keeping your air conditioner on when you have a newborn in the home. In fact, since an air conditioner effectively cools a hot stuffy room, your baby will be able to breathe better and sleep more soundly than if you opted not to use the AC at all. This isn’t to say that there aren’t pediatrician recommendations for using an air conditioner, however. Experts recommend programming your thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees when you have a new baby. That’s enough of a range to keep everyone in the household happy.

Use Common Sense

Babies are little and therefore more easily affected by temperature changes, so avoid using fans in your baby’s room. In addition, never put your baby near the air conditioning vent where the cool air is directly blowing on him or her. This can cause the baby to become chilled, especially while sleeping. It’s a much better alternative to position the crib or bassinet away from any AC vent and even across the room, if possible. This positioning eliminates drafts and gives babies the benefit of conditioned air without exposing their sensitive skin to a direct flow.

You’ll also want to dress your baby lightly during the summer months, but keep her limbs covered when she sleeps. Dressing your little one in a light outfit that covers his arms and legs will prevent any cool air from directly blowing over his skin, but he’ll still get the benefit of a comfortable room.

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