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How to Choose the Right Heat Pump

Frozen heat pump

Believe it or not, before long, cooler temperatures will arrive in the Sarasota, Florida, area. It might be a good time to think about investing in a new heat pump for your home. There are several reasons why heat pumps are an excellent choice. 

Why Heat Pumps Are Better

In this area, heat pumps are an efficient way of warming your home. Instead of burning fossil fuel, heat pumps absorb warm air and move it based on what temperature you want in your home.

Heat pumps don’t need as much maintenance as combustion furnaces. Because there’s no fuel consumption in a heat pump, there’s no risk of dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, leaking into your home.

Heat pumps cut your carbon footprint by being more efficient at energy conversion than traditional heaters. They don’t burn fossil fuel and use much less electricity than older units.

If your air conditioner is acting up, consider a heat pump that also acts as an AC unit. Heat pumps can pull warm air from inside and move it outdoors in warmer months, keeping your home cool and comfy.

Tips for Choosing a Heat Pump

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of a heat pump are two numbers that indicate the unit’s efficiency. Higher numbers mean greater efficiency, thus less energy use and lower costs.

You’ll also want copper tubes at the condenser and evaporator. Copper conducts heat well and corrodes slowly, making it superior to aluminum. It’s also more easily repaired.

If you want to know more about heat pumps or any other heating systems, call Climatic Conditioning at (941) 304-4722. Our experienced technicians are here to answer all your questions.

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