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Placement for Your New Smart Thermostat: Why It Matters

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You may never have thought about where to install a smart thermostat, but location is everything. The thermostat’s job in your Sarasota, Florida, home is to read the temperature of the air around it and adjust to the setting you provide. If other factors alter this reading, your thermostat may not have accurate readings, and your efficiency can suffer as a result. When planning a smart thermostat location for new construction or installing a replacement thermostat, make sure to consider the location of the unit.

The Perfect Location

The perfect location for your new smart thermostat is a place where it can get an accurate reading of the average household temperature. The best place in your home to do this is on an interior wall, away from direct sunlight. Hallways are the top place for this, as the thermostat can interact with your home’s natural air flow. You should also mount the thermostat at about 5 feet to avoid accidental bumps or nudges that may alter the temperature.

The Decent Location

If you can’t install your thermostat in the perfect location, there are still some alternatives that are acceptable. Other walls in the home are fine, provided they aren’t right above an air register or in direct sunlight. This won’t give you the accuracy of a thermostat on an inside wall, but it’s better than the alternatives. Even if you move the thermostat just a few studs over from your air ducts, it’s better than nothing.

Locations to Avoid

There are many locations in your home to avoid because they adversely affect the readings of your thermostat. As a rule, avoid the area above heating ducts. When the heat turns off, residual heat escapes from the heater and changes the thermostat temperature. In addition, places that radiate heat or cold cause constant starting and stopping. Thus, you should avoid windows, drafty areas, skylights, and lamps.

Now that you know where to put a thermostat, let us take care of the installation. Give Climatic Conditioning a call today at (941) 304-4722.

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