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Potential Costs of Complete Heat Pump or Furnace Failure

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When the furnace fails, you’re stuck without heat during the few cooler months in Sarasota, Florida. You might not experience the misery someone in Colorado would feel when their furnace or heat fails, but on the nights when the temperature hits the 40s and dips into the 30s, you certainly won’t be happy without heat. Lack of comfort isn’t the only cost you’ll experience when your heat pump or furnace fails.

IAQ Issues

Your old heat pump or furnace probably had to stay on longer to heat your house, too, which means you’ve now got a house full of dry air that can cause skin and throat irritation.

Higher Electric Bills

When the furnace isn’t on at all, how could that cost you in electricity? If you’re using one or more space heaters to make up for not having a furnace, you’ll end up spending more money. Space heaters are an efficient way to add a little extra heat to one room of the house for a short period of time. They’re not a cost-effective way to heat rooms all by themselves. You have to leave them on for long periods to stay warm, which uses a lot of electricity and shows up as higher numbers on your bill.

No Budget for a New Furnace

If you ignored the signs your heat pump or furnace was failing, you’ll be faced with buying a new household appliance when you may not have the budget for it. Most people need to start saving months before a big purchase like that. Don’t buy a lesser model because you needed a replacement as soon as possible and didn’t have the funds for an energy-efficient furnace.

Don’t wait to have your heat pump or furnace maintenance done this season. Call Climatic Conditioning at (941) 304-4722. Let’s start the discussion about heat pump or furnace repair or replacement now, before your furnace or heat pump quits on the coldest night in Sarasota this winter.

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