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Prepare for the New Year With a New HVAC System

With the new year approaching, you’ve probably started creating a list of resolutions that you want to accomplish. What if one of the best ways to prepare for the New Year is to get a new HVAC system for your Sarasota home?

Creating a Budget and Saving Money

One of the first aspects of their life that most people want to do fresh in the coming year is to improve their financial situation. A big-ticket item like a new HVAC system may seem counterintuitive to this resolution, but it’s not.

The age of your current HVAC system may be holding you back financially. Older systems are less efficient, and use more energy which increases your energy bills. It can save up to a couple of hundred dollars a year when it comes to your utility bill if you get an Energy Star-rated unit.

An older unit can also break down more often and require extra maintenance to keep them running. Also, your older system is typically no longer under warranty, so all of those maintenance and repair costs from your old unit will be coming directly out of your pocket.

A Healthier Family

Another resolution that many have for the new year is improving their health. People may feel rundown, sick, and unhealthy when the air quality in their home is terrible. They may chalk it up to coming down with a cold or allergies, but it could be the pollutants circulating in their home.

Poor IAQ can occur with older HVAC systems. They may struggle to keep up with filtering your air. Newer systems not only offer new filters, but some add-ons can be used with your HVAC system. Air purifiers and cleaners are an excellent way to clean up your indoor air quality.

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