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Saving Energy With Clean and Sealed Ducts

Sealing Ductwork

While it’s not something many Venice, Florida, homeowners think about, ductwork is an essential part of your HVAC system. Having your ducts cleaned and sealed properly not only saves energy and money, but it also protects your health.

Benefits of Clean and Sealed Ducts

Cracked, dirty ducts cut your HVAC system’s efficiency by up to 20 percent. Professional sealing and cleaning improves system function and keeps costs lower.

Many heaters use fossil fuels to generate warmth or rely on electricity produced by power plants. Either way, they create pollution and increase your carbon footprint. By properly maintaining your home’s ductwork, you can reduce energy use and environmental impact.

Gas-operated appliances create combustion gases like carbon monoxide. Leaky ductwork can cause dangerous gases to come back inside instead of going outside. Sealing ducts cuts this risk.

Cleaned ductwork helps keep your family healthy by reducing the number of irritants, including dust and allergens, creating better indoor air quality. Without regular inspection and maintenance, mold could go undetected for years. Eliminating dust also cuts down on bacteria and viruses in your indoor air by removing a breeding ground.

Sealed ductwork prevents pests from nesting there. Unchecked rodent and insect infestation leads to poor indoor air quality and eventually a home that’s overrun by nasty bugs and critters.

Your Ductwork Experts

As an authorized Carrier dealer, we perform to meet the highest industry standards, and our service technicians are North American Technical Excellence (NATE) certified. We can provide solutions to your indoor air quality and energy consumption concerns. From preventative maintenance plans to whole-home ventilators, we offer high-quality service and products.

To learn about why our duct cleaning services are a good investment, call Climatic Conditioning at (941) 304-4722. From air conditioning service and indoor air quality solutions to new heater installation, our team of pros is here to help with all your HVAC needs.

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