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Three of the Best Pets That Are Good for You and Your HVAC System

two kids and their golden retriever

Sarasota residents love both pets and air conditioning. Pets are great companions, but they can be hard on your HVAC system and your allergies. Fur and dander are the biggest dangers to both people and your HVAC, but here at Climatic Conditioning we want you to be able to have your pets and cool them too. Try one of these three pets to keep your allergies and your HVAC happy.

Toy or Miniature Poodles

All dogs produce some dander, which is the cause of most people’s allergy symptoms. Because the poodle’s soft curly coat doesn’t shed as much as many other dogs, the dander spreads less and is easier to deal with than other dogs’ coats are. Keeping the size of the dog small also helps keep the dander down. With less dog, you’ll have less dander. In addition to poodles, there are a number of dog breeds that don’t shed such as Maltese, Schauzers, Shih Tzus, Bichon Frise and more.

Hamsters or Gerbils

Hamsters and gerbils are cool little creatures; they run on wheels, eat your empty toilet paper rolls, and can be pretty cuddly. They also make great pets for allergy sufferers because they stay in a cage and aren’t wandering the whole house spreading dander like a dog or a cat. You could also consider adopting a pet rat, guinea pig, or rabbit.


Believe or not, turtles are personable creatures. They have no fur and are easy to care for. Turtles do need a high-humidity environment.

Keeping your family, your pets, and your HVAC system healthy is a top priority for everyone at Climatic Conditioning. Once you have chosen the perfect pet for your home and lifestyle, consider an air purifying system to clean all the dander and allergens from the air. Give us a call at (941) 304-4722 to talk with one of our technicians about the best maintenance options for your home.

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