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Why Your Property Needs a Commercial Maintenance Plan

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An HVAC unit is a big investment, and it needs to be checked and maintained regularly. Even if you think your unit is running well, it still needs to be serviced to make sure there are no underlying problems or issues. Considering the temperatures in Sarasota, Florida, especially in the summer, you always want to make sure your unit is in good shape. A commercial maintenance plan takes the guesswork out of servicing your unit, and helps to keep you and your customers comfortable all year.

Prolong the Life of Your Unit

A preventative maintenance check includes cleaning mechanical components, calibrating the thermostat, checking R-22 refrigerant levels, inspecting ducts, checking wiring, and other important services to your HVAC unit. When you make sure every component is working properly, you are prolonging the life of your unit by ensuring it is running as it should.

Improve Efficiency

Dirt and clogged air filters in your HVAC system greatly reduce its efficiency. A commercial maintenance plan includes cleaning the air filters and other aspects, which greatly increases the efficiency of your unit. In addition, you are also making sure that clean air can blow freely without getting blocked or that it won’t be blowing dust or other allergens into the air.

Catch Problems Early

Your HVAC unit typically doesn’t break down at the most convenient times, and you can be sure that people will not want to be in your business if the temperature is uncomfortable. With a commercial maintenance plan, your technician can alert you to any issues they may foresee. A technician may also be able to spot small issues before they turn into a major repair. If your HVAC unit doesn’t have much life left in it, you can start researching your options instead of having to make a quick decision on such a big purchase at the most inconvenient time.

Call (941) 304-4722 to speak to the experts at Climatic Conditioning to discuss commercial maintenance plans and make sure your HVAC unit is always running as efficiently as possible.

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