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Avoiding Fall Allergies

Lots of people get symptoms like sneezing, headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, and trouble concentrating from fall allergies. Allergens, including ragweed, pollen, pet dander, pest droppings, and mold, are often more prevalent in autumn. Fortunately, you can prevent annoying problems in your Sarasota, Florida, home by taking a few simple steps. Avoid fall allergies by cleaning regularly, adding extra insulation, taking care of your yard, and using a dehumidifier.

Clean Regularly

Make sure you clean your home often to keep allergens from building up. You should vacuum every day, use a damp cloth to dust twice per week, clean your heating and air conditioning system’s air registers, and have your carpets steam cleaned every few months. Use a mask when you clean. Avoid area rugs when possible and stick with wood or tile floors. They don’t absorb as much dust as carpets, and they’re easier to clean.

Ask guests to take off their shoes before they enter your home to keep outdoor allergens outside. We all love to have our pets close, but inviting them into your bedroom is also an invitation for an allergy flare-up. Have your cats or dogs bathed and groomed by a professional once per week. Also, wash blankets and winter clothes that have been stored for summer.

Adding Extra Insulation

More insulation will keep allergens from getting into your home, help lower your utility bills, and eliminate uncomfortable drafts in fall and winter. You can use a candle or an incense stick to look for gaps where allergens could enter your home. Turn off your HVAC system and watch the flame or smoke. When the candle starts to flicker or the smoke from the incense goes in a different direction, you’re near a spot that needs more insulation.

You should also add weatherstripping to your doors and windows. If your home already has weatherstripping, make sure it’s in good condition. You can have a professional check your ductwork, repair any leaks, and add extra insulation to your ducts. Also, don’t forget to check your attic.

Taking Care of Your Yard

Fallen leaves can harbor mold and pollen, so you should rake your yard often. Cut your grass to keep it short in the fall, and make sure you collect your grass clippings in a bag instead of leaving them on the lawn. Clean your gutters and get rid of moldy leaves on your roof to prevent problems. Trim the branches on trees close to your home to reduce leaves in your gutter next year and prevent roof damage from falling branches.

Your indoor plants can also cause allergies, so you should move them outside. You can move them back indoors after allergy season is over. Just remember to hose them off first to remove any pollen. Do your yard work after a light rain washes most pollen away, but make sure you avoid windy days. Wear a dust mask and change your clothes after you come inside or hire a professional to minimize your exposure to allergens.

Using a Dehumidifier

Fall in Florida is often rainy and humid. If the air in your home contains too much moisture, you could get mold and mildew. Mold can grow in dampt corners, behind wallpaper, in insulation, and almost anywhere else in your home. It can cause severe damage as well as allergies.

Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your air and keep mold from spreading. A less humid environment will also help you get rid of dust mites, another common allergen. These creatures feed on dead skin and can cause rashes, sneezing, and other symptoms. They’re a problem for many people all year, but turning on your heat for the first time can spread more of them into the air.

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