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Fall Is on the Way: Get Ready With an HVAC System Check

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Though the heaviest use your HVAC system receives is during the long, hot summers in southwest Florida, it’s a rare winter we don’t need heating as well. Starting the fall with an HVAC system check assures you that your system will work dependably, efficiently and safely through the heating season.

Most of the homes in our region have forced air cooling and heating systems. Heat pumps are common, as well as gas furnaces that are part of the central air conditioning system. When HVAC technicians service either of these, they complete the following checks and inspections, depending on the system type:

All Equipment

  • Verifying that the thermostat is working properly, re-calibrating if necessary.
  • Checking, cleaning and adjusting electronic components. A system whose electronics are clean and tight uses less energy and runs more safely.
  • Cleaning, checking and lubricating the motors.
  • Inspecting the condition of the air filter and changing if necessary. While this is part of HVAC system check, you’ll get better performance and lower energy bills if you inspect the filter monthly and change when dirty. If you don’t know how or where, the technician can show you.
  • Clearing the drainpipe and cleaning the drain pan.
  • Measuring the refrigerant level and adding more if necessary.
  • Testing the ducts to make sure there are no ductwork leaks that raise energy bills year-round.
  • Checking and adjusting system airflow.
  • Making sure the reversing valve on heat pumps is fully functional, locking out the cooling function when it’s set to heat.

Forced-Air Furnaces

  • Cleaning the burner and check the quality of the flame, adjusting the gas-to-air ratio if necessary.
  • Making sure the flue, vent or chimney isn’t blocked or cracked so the combustion gases leave your home completely.
  • Visually inspecting the heat exchanger, looking for any cracks or damage that put your safety at risk.
  • Making sure the gas connections are tightly sealed.

If you’d like more information about an HVAC system check, contact the pros at Climatic Conditioning. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for homeowners in Lakewood, Sarasota and Bradenton for more than 40 years.

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