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Warning Signs of a Failing AC System

Keeping your Florida home cool throughout the hottest months is essential to the comfort of your family, but a failing air conditioning system may interfere with your ability to escape the heat. AC systems often show signs of damage and wear well before a complete system failure. If you notice any of the signs of a failing AC system outlined below, be sure to schedule repairs or maintenance as soon as possible to keep the cold air coming.

Increased Utility Costs

One of the first signs of a heat pump problem is an increase in your utility bill. If you notice that your bill has been steadily increasing over the past few months, the reason for the inefficiency may trace back to a failing heat pump.

A rise in utility costs could also have other sources, so the best course of action is to keep track of your energy bills and the associated usage over the next few months to pinpoint the problem. If the weather has been especially hot, you may be using more energy to combat the increase in temperature. If family members have spent more time at home in recent months, your increased energy costs may be linked to keeping them comfortable.

Access your utility bills each month to determine how much energy you are using. Make a note of any changes in the household or weather patterns to determine whether these changes could be the source for increases. If you find that your energy bills keep climbing with no explanation, a failing AC system could be the cause.

Insufficient AC System Cooling

Whether you notice poor airflow throughout your home or uneven cooling in certain rooms, insufficient cooling is often the first noticeable sign of a failing AC system. Older systems tend to have an issue with keeping a whole home cool. If you notice only certain rooms throughout your home get comfortably cool, the problem is likely to be sourced from your heat pump.

Poor airflow throughout your home can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, humid air, and improperly filtered air. In the case of improperly filtered air, you and your family may notice physical symptoms including sore throats and respiratory problems. Since poor airflow has the potential to impact the health and safety of your family, it is important to get a failing AC system checked out as soon as possible.

Unusual Odors

Heat pumps that require replacement may cause unpleasant odors as their useful life dwindles. Musty smells tend to crop up as mold grows in your cooling system. In a heat pump that is functioning properly, excess moisture is kept at bay by the design of the system. When wear or damage allows condensation to form in your AC system, the resulting environment is the perfect place for bacterial growth to thrive.

Another alarming smell that heat pumps can emit is a burning smell. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 10 percent of house fires caused by electrical malfunctions can be traced to heating and cooling equipment each year. If your heat pump is emitting a burning smell, the safest course of action is to turn off any breakers connected to the system immediately. In the case of electrical malfunctions, a heating and cooling expert will need to step in to troubleshoot the problem.

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