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When it comes to choosing an air conditioner, the decisions you make about the unit size and how often it will be maintained ultimately determine the comfort of your household. Here are some helpful tips for selecting and installing a new or replacement AC system.

How to Measure For Your New Air Conditioner

Size matters. Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing an AC unit that is too big for their home’s square footage, but bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling. When an air conditioner is too large and is built with more BTUs (British Thermal Units) than is needed, it will run more often for shorter time periods. If the AC’s compressor turns off too soon, the system will not have had enough time to adequately remove hot air from the room. This results in excessive energy waste, a hot and sticky indoor climate, and subjects the system to more wear and tear.

The same is true of an air conditioner that is too small. An AC unit with too few BTUs will run longer – and may never shut off – but lacks the capacity to remove enough heat to cool a very large space. Too big or too small, you’ll end up paying more in monthly energy bills with the wrong-sized unit.

What is a BTU? And How Much Do I Need?

BTUs measure how much energy an air conditioner will use to remove heat from a space per one hour. An effective air conditioner typically uses about 20 BTUs per square foot. To calculate how many BTUs you will need to cool a single room or entire home, multiply the square footage of your space by 20. For example, if you are looking to cool a home with 1,000 square feet, you would look to purchase a central air conditioner with about 20,000 BTUs.

But there are other factors to consider when measuring for a new cooling system, like the height of your ceiling, the size of your doors, and the age of your windows. When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, the team from Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. can help you determine the right size and BTUs for your space.

Simple Ways to Save On Energy

Once you’ve installed a properly-sized air conditioning unit, there is more that you can do to keep your energy consumption low during peak summer months.

  • Keep your thermostat at or around 78 degrees.
  • Run other major appliances less frequently or later in the day – preferably when the AC is not in use.
  • Lower blinds and shades on windows that get direct sunlight.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Like your car, regular upkeep and maintenance of your air conditioner is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the system. Air conditioning coils are prone to to buildup of dirt and debris, and refrigerant levels can drop with use or leaks. Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. offers comprehensive maintenance plans to prioritize yearly preventative service. Call (941) 225-2007 to request AC maintenance in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, South Bradenton, Longboat Key, and Bayshore Gardens, FL.

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