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As the Seasons Change, So Should Your Air Filter


Most homeowners know that maintaining a home requires attentiveness to issues that can arise with the HVAC system. Many are also very aware of the headaches certain problems can bring. However, one of the easiest and most important maintenance tasks a homeowner can do — changing the air filter — is often put off. Here’s why you should never ignore this quick and easy task.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust and pollen are two common allergens that quickly build up inside the home, particularly if the air filter is dirty. A clean filter removes many of these particles from the air, letting you and your family breathe easier. One of the first steps for improving indoor air quality should be to change the air filter.

Even the lowest rated filters will offer some degree of protection from dust and pollen if the air filter is clean. If you invest in a higher-rated filter, which captures smaller particles more efficiently, remember that as it becomes clogged, its effectiveness at purifying the air will diminish.

Extend HVAC System Life

In addition to scheduling regular HVAC maintenance checkups, keeping air filters clean is important for extending the system’s life. Dirt and debris obstruct airflow, which can lead to overheating and cause the system to break down. Changing the air filter regularly prevents common, costly and sometimes dangerous problems.

More Comfort and Reduced Energy Costs

Similar in some ways to the lungs of the body, your home’s HVAC system relies on sufficient airflow to function well. When the air filter becomes clogged, the system struggles to perform its task effectively. This results in a reduced ability to maintain a comfortable temperature and an increase in energy consumed. Change the air filter regularly to save energy dollars and to keep your home more comfortable.

For more information about maintaining the HVAC system and how to change the air filter in your Sarasota, Bradenton or Lakewood home, please contact us at Climatic Conditioning

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