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Ductless Air Conditioning Could Be the Solution You're Looking For

Battling the heat and humidity in the Sarasota, Florida, area isn’t always easy. Keeping cool often means running up significant utility costs every month. Another common problem is uneven cooling. Depending on the layout of your home, one room may require more or less cooling than the next. If you’re experiencing excessive energy costs or uneven cooling, here’s why ductless air conditioning may be the solution for you.

It’s Highly Efficient

With typical central air conditioning, a staggering 30 percent of the energy consumed is lost through the duct system. That’s a huge waste of energy that can contribute to skyrocketing utility bills. As the name suggests, ductless air conditioning avoids that problem by eschewing ducts altogether. Instead, each room is fitted with its own individual, wall-mounted unit called a mini-split. This allows air conditioning to be delivered directly where it’s needed, minimizing energy loss and keeping costs lower.

It Provides Discrete Cooling

This discrete, wall-mounted system also has the advantage of offering greater flexibility and control. Ductless systems allow you to precisely control the temperature in each room. If you have a room that is typically hotter than others, you can simply set the mini-split to a lower cooling temperature. Similarly, this system allows you to expend less energy cooling rooms unnecessarily. Dial back the cooling in rooms you rarely use to shave even more off your monthly energy bills.

A ductless mini-split system isn’t right for every home. However, its efficiency and high degree of control and flexibility makes it an option worth considering. Ductless air conditioners can also be a great addition to an existing HVAC system. To find out whether a ductless system is right for you, check out the ductless AC services offered by Climatic Conditioning Co. or call (941) 758-3080 today.

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