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Make Sure Your New Thermostat Works With Your HVAC System

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If you’re thinking about upgrading the thermostat in your Venice, Florida, home, it’s important to make sure the unit you choose is compatible with your current HVAC system. Before you invest any money in a new thermostat, be sure to check the compatibility so you won’t waste money or time having to return a unit that won’t work.

Determine the Type of System

While it would be easier if every home used the same type of HVAC system, the reality is that there are least four types of heating systems, including gas, electric, oil-fired with a boiler, and heat pump, and multiple types of cooling systems. It’s also important to know the voltage of your system since this will determine what type of thermostat works with it. Low-voltage systems are most common and work with most thermostats, while direct-line or high-voltage systems have unique requirements.

Assess the Stages

When reviewing your HVAC system and thermostat requirements, you’ll probably come across the terms “one stage” and “two stage.” These refer to whether the units work at full capacity or not at all (one stage), or systems that can heat and cool at low and high speeds (multi-stage or two stage). You can also review the label on the thermostat or furnace to figure out the serial number, which will give you more insight into what type of unit you have.

Shopping for a Thermostat

When you’re shopping for a new thermostat, know that most low-voltage units pair well with just about any type of modern thermostat. You can also review the compatibility information provided by the manufacturer, which should tell you whether it will work with your unit.

Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, we encourage you to call our team at Climatic Conditioning at (941) 304-4722 to learn more about compatible thermostats with your heating and cooling system, as well as to get assistance with the installation of a new unit.

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