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Top 5 Tuneup Tips for Your AC System

With summer months close at hand, your AC system is going to get a workout soon. It’s important to recognize that optimum function is important for keeping your home safe and comfortable. Air conditioning maintenance should be a priority so that you don’t face the risk of an unexpected breakdown during hot weather.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your AC System

There are many steps to consider in optimizing your air conditioner for summer. Some steps are your responsibility, while others must be handled professionally. Working to keep your home cool this summer will be easier if you pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Clean filters keep airflow at its optimum
  2. Modern thermostats facilitate precise control of indoor conditions
  3. Ceiling fans augment the cooling power of your AC unit by making indoor conditions feel cooler
  4. Clean ducts enable good circulation and sufficient pressure as cool air reaches individual rooms
  5. Prescribed refrigerant levels are necessary for appropriate cooling

Each of these points should be considered prior to summer cooling season so that checks and adjustments can be made.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps that You Should Take

Change your air filter in the spring so that you will have an unrestricted airflow as you begin to use your AC unit. You should look for MERV ratings above four for a central system while not exceeding a rating of 12. Higher MERV ratings provide more intensive filtration and better air quality in your home, but ratings above 12 are intended for use with specialized equipment.

Evaluate your thermostat, checking to be sure that its battery is strong. If you don’t have a programmable unit, this is a good time to think about an upgrade. If you do have a programmable unit, you may want to explore smart thermostat models, excellent for providing remote access to your temperature controls.

Check your ceiling fans for function. Take time to dust the tops. Check for loose connections and broken bulbs. These play a huge role in keeping your energy costs down, and it’s important to make sure that they are in good working order.

Professional Maintenance

Your ducts should be inspected and cleaned by a professional. A technician works with remote video equipment to evaluate the presence of dirt and leaks in your system. Rotating brushes and high-powered suction are used to loosen and remove dirt from the duct walls. Recommendations may be made for sealing if there are significant leaks. Your home comfort can be affected by heat exchange at these points, and failing to seal your ducts could be costly.

Refrigerant levels should also be managed professionally. There are strict regulations related to the use of these materials. This can be checked and adjusted by an HVAC technician to ensure that you have optimum cooling power. Low levels may indicate a leak in your system, and this should be diagnosed and fixed as well.

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